Cartronic Service:
Reparatur von
Steuergeräten / HKZ / Klimaregler ...
Nur für unsere
registrierten Partner!
Cartronic Service:
Repair of
ECUs / AC-Units / High-Tension Capacitors ...
For our registered
partners only!
Perfect-Chip by Cartronic | Partner Program


More than 20 years of experience in optimizing ECUs of Porsche modells and the know-how of a leading diesel-engine tuner: that's what Chip Tuning by Cartronic is based upon.

  • Perfect-Chip keeps you informed about possibilities and rumors.
  • Perfect-Chip offers intelligent Chip Tuning for almost every car.

The Perfect-Chip partner network operates worldwide and deploys continuously using the latest technologies. Typically datasets are available even for the newest models. If you have any questions just give us a call!

As a registered partner in our password-protected registry,
you will have access to further information about Chip Tuning.
Use the contactform to request
your access data please.

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