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Cartronic Service:
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Perfect-Chip by Cartronic | Chiptuning · Partner Program

Cartronic's Perfect-Chip Partner Program

Cartronic Motorsport GmbH in Gummersbach, Germany boasts 25 years of experience in tuning Porsche models and optimizing engine performance through electronic modifications. Cartronic is a market leader in diesel engine tuning: our ECUs are reliable and high-performing. One has sold more than 10,000 modules of Europe’s largest auto parts retailers, ATU. Our development team has the most modern hardware and software and has at its disposal two all-wheel test benches from MAHA and CARTEC. That’s how we can continue to offer performance solutions for even the newest models. Our know-how is relied upon by notable tuners for whom we perform development work.

Within the Perfect-Chip network you’ll recognize some wellknown tuners not only from Germany, but also from London, Tokyo, Kuala-Lumpur, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Miami. The Perfect-Chip Partner Program can realize great profits for your business with our experience and technical expertise; the know-how and equipment you acquire from us translate directly into your ability to tune most anything on the road today.

How does it work?

Fast and simple: You select the control unit, read it out and send us the data set per mail and you’ll promptly receive from us the new, optimized tuningfile which you can then reenter into the ECU by using your equipment. Finished.

Your Gains

The optimized data sets are charged according to a list of nine different price groupings. Prices are determined by the popularity of the specific engine type as well as the car’s class and can range from 250 Euros in the least expensive group and 2,000 Euros in group 9. Advanced sale prices are based on a profit-margin for partners of around 70%. Purchasing one chip tuning per month can alone cover the leasing costs of equipment.

Where can I get the necessary know-how?

Simple: from us. We offer training seminars on a regular basis where you can learn from practical examples how to program "in the vehicle" and "from the tabletop". The various programming methods are fully explained. Programming methods are to be determined in the workshop and depend on the vehicle manufacturer, the model, year of manufacture and the ECU unit.

We recommend the programming method requiring the least amount of cost and effort: if a vehicle can be programmed without problems using the OBD interface, we would suggest this method. Model variations typically require a very complicated programming structure in the hardware and software used in their tuning. These rare models are mostly new on the market and because of their exclusivity, we prefer to program them in our workshop.

The universal concept of our software is not applicable to vehicles used exclusively for commercial purposes. For this reason, requests for farm machinery or truck modules are available at anytime as upgrades at a cost.