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Chip Tuning Equipment *

The Byteshooter:

As the interface between the installed ECU unit and computer software, this professional tool permits in-car or tabletop programming with the OBD interface or a removed ECU.

The software is continuously being updated and updates are available almost every week.

The BDM Tool:

The BDM (Background Debugging Mode) tool has opened the door to a whole new generation of control units.

Ever since security access to OBD2 programming became more complicated, a new possibility for reworking control modules with the special Motorola MPC555-565 processors have come to the market.

These processors can neither be read nor programmed with EPROM devices - only the BDM interface in the ECU can perform these functions. Most of these interfaces are only 10 solder points on the underside of the circuit board.

The BDM tool is a machine-customized rack that stores the opened ECU as well as the reading head and interface. The probes are interchangeable and are installed according to the type of ECU. The needle contacts reach down to the solder points located directly on the board.

Suggested Accessories:

When tuning Volkswagen models, certain software are helpful in providing you access to their electronic units. VAG-COM covers the complete range of functions of an original tester for the diagnosis of modern control units. The software is fully compatible with all current VW models up to the new Audi S3, Q7 or VW EOS.

* Construction, configuration and scope of delivery as well as changes due to technological advance are subjects to change without further notice.