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Cartronic Service:
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Who is Cartronic?

The cornerstone of Cartronic Motorsport, an association of highly qualified engineers, was laid in 1984. Since the company’s founding, Cartronic has dealt exclusively with the technical and visual modification of Porsche automobiles.

At the outset we specialized in the conversion of the Porsche Targa to the much sought-after 911 Cabrio (90-110 conversions per year). Soon thereafter we expanded into motor enhancements and building our own complete models.

To highlight our success, in 1990 we introduced the Revenge, the fastest modified, street-legal version of the Porsche 911. An engineering marvel, our modified 911 achieved (according to the current EVO standards) a 710 horsepower and a top speed of 231 miles per hour.

The optimization and refinement of Porsche automobiles is both our passion and commitment.

If you have any questions, just call us: 0700-911 00 993*

Cartronic is a member of "Verband der Deutschen Automobiltuner e.V. (VDAT e.V.)" and ISO 9001/200 cetified.

* Calls from germany: 7 - 18 h: 0,12 €/min. · 18 - 7 h: 0,06 €/min.