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Perfect-Chip by Cartronic | Chip Tuning · Programming

Programming with removed ECU (tabletop)

... EPROM/Flash unit with the EPROM Burner:

The ram unit must first be unsoldered, erased and then rewritten with the new data by using a EPROM Burner.

... with a specialized, ECU-specific adapter cable:

Reprogramming with an adapter cable is performed on models that don’t have, for example, a K-line for the transmission of data from the control unit to the diagnostic plug. Using an adapter cable is especially required for control units that don’t allow any other type of programming.

The cable is plugged directly in to the main jack of the ECU unit and the adapter jack generally contains contacts for power supply as well as the programming cord (K-Line). An additional electrode is used to initialize or open the ram unit enabling data to be read or downloaded.

... with the BDM Tool and BDM interface:

Control units with a BDM interface can in most cases be programmed through the diagnostic outlet (OBD socket) as well as through an interface (BDM interface) positioned directly on the circuit board. These specialized interfaces enable not only debugging (troubleshooting) but the testing of software and – most important for chip tuners – direct reading and rewriting (programming) of processors. Programming with these interfaces makes for a truly safe data transmission.

Programmierung with ECU in the car

... with the OBD or model-specific interface:

Programming occurs by transmitting data through the K-line programming contact of the OBD (On-Board Diagnostic) outlet, or the K-Line, and then transferring/retrieving that information to/from the ECU. Through this process, a connection to the ECU is established through the interface. The original engine data can then be recorded using special software and reprogrammed in the ECU after the parametersave been optimized.

... with the OBD interface and an additional signal cable for the K-Line:

Programming is identical to OBD programming with a model-specific interface (see above). Because there is no K-line in the car s cable loop leading to the OBD outlet, an extra cable must be laid according to manual instructions. For this reason, our interface cables have an adjustable socket suited for these connectors. The cable is led from the main plug of the ECU and led through the interior to the OBD connector socket. After tuning, the cable is removed and replaced.