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Perfect-Chip by Cartronic | Was ist Chiptuning?

What is Chip Tuning?

In general, Chip Tuning refers to the increase in combustion engine performance as a result of altering the parameters of the ECU (engine control unit). Within the ECU are the processor and the EPROM (Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory), a ram unit that stores info about the engine’s operations: conditions for cold start, idling, partial load and full load. All relevant thermal and mechanical data from the engine’s reserves - turbo engines in particular require an adjustment of the boost pressure - are optimized in the process.

Chip Tuning uses the engine’s data to set the primary output parameters of point of injection, injection amount, ignition point for each cylinder and boost pressure in turbo engines.

The most effective application of Chip Tuning is realized with a four-stroke diesel engine with turbocharger. Depending on the engine and its injection pattern, a performance boost of up to 40% can result from Chip Tuning..

Fallacies and rumors

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