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Perfect-Chip by Cartronic | Chiptuning · Fallacies and Rumors

A lot of “Information” about Chip Tuning has been going around...

... most of which is false. We’ve seen our share of customers who, after the installation of a supposedly great and inexpensive chip, are greatly disappointed with the results that can range from significantly increased consumption due to a poorly tuned engine to a distinct loss in performance over a range of speeds.

Examining these chips on a regular basis, we see some of the most adventuresome engine configurations. We emphatically warn potential customers about the risks of unprofessional chip installation. Even supposed copies of original chips offer no guarantee of sound functioning!

Cartronic has years of experience in optimizing engine control units (ECUs). A long series of tests and a permanent development process with the most essential equipment stand behind the release of our chips. We modify – in every case aligned with the engine type – engine characteristics, such as injection and ignition, within reasonable parameters. What this means is our digital modifications do not overload the engine beyond its limits. We simply use the optimization potential of series engines.

Chip Tuning today...

... a job for the experts? Human nature has the habit of calling that which can’t immediately register with or be understood by the mind’s circuitry “imaginary” or “supernatural.” Who hasn’t wondered at magician David Copperfield and his spectacular tricks? For him, making the Statue of Liberty disappear doesn’t seem to present any problems.

While it may be a difficult task requiring years of experience as well as technical gear, there’s no magic behind it… In the time of electronic engine management, a new class of magicians has evolved. They call themselves “Hp Magicians” or “Chip Tuners” – a species of human origin that persistently follows three goals in programming the control units of performance-hungry car owners:

  • Engine performance “without limit”
  • in the least possible amount of time
  • with maximal financial gain

But, as we all know, the reality is much different. In many cases the “performance” has a quick end in the form of “pre-programmed” engine damages with the burden of high costs and a considerable about of time for repairs. In short, there is no self-proclaimed “Chip Magician” with the necessary, far-reaching knowledge of the laws of physics and system relationships during a combustion sequence to perform chip tuning.

The truth is that few of these “chip tuners” are familiar with this subject which can be the life and death of your engine. Whatever hexadecimal values are generated by their programs elude their power of understanding. Frequently a mass-produced product of inferior quality from abroad is offered as a fully-tested program.

These chips, or better EPROMs, have never been tested under the driving conditions of the German Autobahn and what’s more have not been tuned to the actual conditions of the engine. We urge anybody reading this to exercise extra caution when offered “chip tuning without risks.” Serious companies with a command over the computer and programming technology and knowledge of the classical engine structure are rare. Generally the offers from such companies promise an individual customization of the control unit with regards to the actual conditions of the engine.

We first perform the appropriate power input measurements where the trained eyes of our experts discover the technical errors in your engine’s system. These errors can easily be corrected through an optimization and adjustment of your engine’s map. At the end of the process, the customer has the chance to realize the performance results with a comparative, engine performance log. Miracles are not to be expected. After modification, induction engines can realize an average performance increase of 2.7-8.0 Hp. Sophisticated performance kits are available for induction engines and typically offer a variety of modifications to the suction unit, cooling system, valve train and exhaust pipe as well as the appropriate control unit adjustment.

Though some of these kits can offer up to 50 Hp, they are more of a rarity. Performance kits for Porsche models as well as kits for induction engines are available at Cartronic and come with the know-how and development efforts of a company with years of experience. In comparison, turbo engines can experience a performance gain of up to 80 Hp. Tuners who can guarantee an acceptable degree of stability in the engine are truly rare. All tuning procedures in the broadest sense embodying performance and exhaust modifications should be tested by an authorized institution such as the TÜV. After the installation of a performance kit, all modifications are recorded in the owner’s registration papers. Receipt of this certificate requires its distributors to assume large investment costs.


Everything made with quality has a price, or as a famous British poet once said: I’m too poor to buy something cheap...